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Why OpenBots?

At OpenBots, we believe that “Pay per Bot” licensing model is fundamentally flawed and does not provide value to the Customers considering the additional costs around implementation and maintenance services. The top RPA vendors have almost 95% plus margins on their license and charge for support and maintenance costs in addition to that.

OpenBots was founded in 2019, to build an Enterprise Class comprehensive RPA Platform with a Zero Cost Bot license business model that focuses on Enterprise Support and other SaaS tools based revenue.

OpenBots allows you to build a digital workforce and automate straight-forward and repetitive processes with ease. Included in this “everything you need, nothing you don’t” design are dozens of automation commands and actions as well as a screen recorder that can record, replay, and create scripted automations.

In addition to the OpenBots RPA Suite, OpenBots offers other products including OpenBots Discovery, a SaaS-based process discovery, analysis, and management tool, and OpenBots Documents, a SaaS-based Intelligent Document Processing tool.

Coupled with automation support packages, commercial license to OpenBots migration capabilities, QuickPack ROI initiative services, and partnerships with qualified major RPA services providers,

OpenBots offers all the necessary tools and services to build and scale an enterprise-grade intelligent process automation program.

Customers can also select from our list of OpenBots certified implementation partners.

OpenBots Benefits:


Compare OpenBots

vs. Traditional RPA Vendors

Download a FREE copy for a technical comparison.

With OpenBots, you can spend less time writing code and more time building functionality.

OpenBots opens many opportunities for us to build cost-efficient bots!

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