Four Reasons Insurance Companies Need an Open-Source RPA Tool

The insurance industry is a well-respected field that has been around since the days of sailing and cargo shipping.

Why the days of licensed commercial RPA software are numbered!

In many ways, RPA technology is an evolution of QA Automation Technologies.

The Case for RPA in Mid-Market Organizations

Small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges in starting an RPA Program.

RPA Does Not Store Any Data… So Why Are You Paying So Much For It?

Unlike ERP or other systems of record, RPA does not store any long-term transactional data

Marrying Managed Services and Open Source in an RPA World

If you look at any technology evolution, whether it be infrastructure to cloud.

OpenBots is the Only Free and Open Source RPA Automation Studio and Bot Orchestrator with a Commercial Support & Services Model!

We know that RPA platforms don’t save any transactional data other than what is generated.

Updating Chrome WebDriver for OpenBots Studio

When executing a Web Browser Command, you may receive an exception similar to the following:

Why is RPA meant to be Free and Open Source?

RPA technology is on a hypergrowth path; but it’s also moving quickly towards commoditization.

Build your Business on Free and Open Source democratized RPA!

RPA technology has evolved over the past few years. There are many commercial vendors offering general.

Free and Open Source RPA Automation Options Available in the Market

The RPA software market grew 62.9% in 2019 to $1.4 billion and held its position as the fastest-growing.

OpenBots Launches Free & Open Source RPA Tool Suite

On November 3, 2020, the automation world was introduced to a new player in the Open Source RPA.

Free vs Open Source

At a high level, Open Source Software refers to a model where source code is released out to general.