Mainframe-Automation-for-Banking-and-Finance Article

Mainframe Automation for Banking and Finance

It is common for banking and financial institutions to have core functions and processes that rely on the use of legacy systems

Demystifying RPA in the Cloud Article

Demystifying RPA in the Cloud

RPA vendors have traditionally built their applications for on-premises deployment, however, in response to heightened demand for the cloud.

Simplify Office Automation with OpenBots Article

Simplify Office Automation with OpenBots

There is no denying that Microsoft Office is a powerful tool employed by small businesses and large enterprises across the world.

RPA Core Components

How do the OpenBots core components compare to the other leading RPA platforms?

RPA – Cost of Automation Ownership

Over the last few years, RPA has gained a lot of traction as many organizations have started to embrace automation

Scaling Unattended Robots – UiPath vs. OpenBots

This report provides a comparison of license requirements on UiPath and OpenBots for scaling unattended automations

Planning to Buy RPA?

License costs for commercial RPA platforms consume a large portion of the total costs for automation in any enterprise.

Getting Started with OpenBots RPA

With easy-to-use software and responsive developer tools, building automations with OpenBots

Four Reasons Insurance Companies Need an Zero-License RPA Tool

The insurance industry is a well-respected field that has been around since the days of sailing and cargo shipping.

Why the days of licensed commercial RPA software are numbered!

In many ways, RPA technology is an evolution of QA Automation Technologies.

The Case for RPA in Mid-Market Organizations

Small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges in starting an RPA Program.

RPA Does Not Store Any Data… So Why Are You Paying So Much For It?

Unlike ERP or other systems of record, RPA does not store any long-term transactional data