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OpenBots Launches Document Understanding and Training tool for Automations

OpenBots, the first enterprise-grade zero-cost bot licensing RPA platform has announced the launch of its new intelligent document processing tool, OpenBots Documents. OpenBots Documents is a SaaS-based Intelligent Document Processing Solution that solves for the challenge of having bots read structured and unstructured documents within automated processes. Many processes that are ideal candidates for automation often include a step involving reading and collecting information from documents. Whether its medical forms, applications, mileage reports, receipts, or emails, document processing can be used to automate this step of business processes.

Document Understanding (DU) teaches automation bots to “read” structured, semi-structured, and unstructured forms of all kinds and then gather, sort, and digitize the collected information. With OpenBots Documents, users can develop models and train their automations to process the required forms. The Documents DU process includes digitization and OCR, Classification of information from forms, extraction of the information, and a validation station or human-in-the-loop step to have an employee verify that the information collected is correct. This allows for seamless end-to-end automation of a process involving forms and documents.

OpenBots Documents is a developer-made tool. The OpenBots trained RPA team worked to build the tool based on their knowledge of automation and document understanding. The canvas feature within the tool allows users to create custom document templates based on their business. From there, the AI and Machine Learning engine automatically trains and tunes itself without requiring developers to undergo grueling pre-training models. The advantage of using OpenBots Documents is that it was constructed with built-in commands and activities to seamlessly integrate with RPA development tools especially OpenBots Studio. The most notable feature however is that Documents comes with ready to use forms for common use cases. These pre-trained forms include Identity Documents, and common forms for Insurance, Mortgage, Finance, and Immigration Industries. This eliminates the time spent on training and constructing form models, as our developers have already done the work to match your common business needs from first use.

“RPA at its core is just Automation and not AI however one of the most critical use cases for RPA revolves around extracting, classifying and processing structured, semi-structured and un-unstructured data from business documents. OpenBots Documents is a SAAS based solution which uses advanced machine learning and NLP technologies to process such data and integrates seamlessly within OpenBots RPA workflows. OpenBots unique zero bot licensing model combined with OpenBots Documents intelligent document processing is a powerful solution for today’s enterprises to not only scale their RPA programs but also expand the scope of automation leveraging OpenBots Documents.”

OpenBots Documents is available in three packages: free, standard, and enterprise. The free version offers unlimited use and an unlimited number of bots using the tool. It also features connectors for OpenBots, Python, API and UIPath RPA, and allows for up to 3 users in the validation station. The standard includes everything the free version does, however, it allows for unlimited users in the validation station. The Enterprise version of OpenBots Documents is the same as the standard except for it has custom quote pricing based on enterprise size, consumption, and distribution.

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