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OpenBots Server V1.5.0 Release Notes
[New Features]
  • OpenBots Server
    • Agent Specific Credentials
      • Users are now able to declare Agent specific credentials in the same manner as is currently done for Agent Specific Assets.
    • Business Events
      • The ability to declare additional Business Events has been added to the integrations component.
      • These events can be subscribed to, and manipulated through the provided APIs to better integrate with external systems.
    • Schedule Time Zones
      • Schedules will now take in an additional timezone to orient off of, and displayed times will be automatically adjusted to the users timezone.
      • Timezones throughout the site will be adjusted over the coming releases to convert to the users current timezone to increase clarity.
    • Credentials Security
      • Adjusted the encyrption method used for credentials to withstand database breaches, and removed the ability for credentials to be sent over unsecured connections.
    • Maximum Job Count
      • Users are now able to set the maximum number of concurrent job a schedule can create. This allows for the restriction of pending jobs to match the size of the intended agent group.
    • Agent Settings
      • Users are now able to set the intended Agent settings when creating an agent. These settings will be propogated to the Agent when a connection is performed.
    • Storage Drives
      • Users are now able to manipulate linked Stoage drives, as well as view key details about them.
  • OpenBots Server
    • Schedules will now properly align to the intended creation timezone.
    • Files uploaded directly to the file manager will now properly be placed into child folders.
    • HTTP Header IP Fencing rules will now allow for hyphens to be used
    • Queue items will now properly have their locks expire upon the next performed queue action.
[Known Issues]
  • OpenBots Server
    • Credentials will occasionally reach a state where they will not allow an edit to be made. This will be addressed in the coming hotfix patch.