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OpenBots Studio v1.6 Release Notes


[New Features]

  • OpenBots Studio
    • Native Browser IFrames Support
      • Added support for the automation of elements hosted inside of IFrames to all Native Browser commands.
  • OpenBots Agent
    • Disconnect Non-Target Sessions
      • Added the ability for the Agent to disconnect user sessions on the machine that are not for the target Agent if the machine does not support concurrent user session.
    • PowerShell Automation Support
      • The Agent is now able to execute PowerShell automations in an attended and unattended manner.
    • Disconnect Existing Session
      • Added an Agent setting to recreate the Agent’s user session if it already exists when starting an execution.
    • Configurable Published Automations Path
      • Provided the ability to specify the intended path for loading published automations.
  • OpenBots Studio
    • Project Conversion
      • Corrected issues with upgrading dependency versions during the project conversion process.
    • Native Browser Hover Over Element Command
      • Corrected a reported issue which occured when simulating Hover operations.
    • Input Command
      • Corrected an issue an that could occur when using the Input Command in a loop to capture repeated user inputs.
    • C# Execution Optimizations
      • Reduced memory usage significantly across extremely long running processes by cleaning up created C# compilations from command inputs.
    • Desktop Automation Window Detection
      • Signficantly improved the efficiency of finding the specified Desktop window in situations where many applications are open.
  • OpenBots Agent
    • Stop Job Command
      • Corrected an issue where the Stop Job command would not properly detect the Job status when running in subscripts.
    • Microsoft OCR Command
      • Resolved an error where the command would not return the expected results when running in an unattended manner.
    • SSL Certificate Verification
      • The Agent will now verify the security of the connection when performing all API calls according to the Agent setting.
    • Non-Openbots Automation Compatability
      • Removed restrictions on running non-Openbots automation types from previous versions.
    • Agent Disconnection
      • Corrected an issue that would occasionally result in an error when disconnecting the Agent from the Server.
[Known Issues]
  • OpenBots Studio
    • CS-Script support is only currently valid for version 3.X. Please use the following command for the Agent installation.
      • choco install cs-script –version=
  • OpenBots Agent
    • When attempted to run an unattended automation on a Windows Server 2012 machine, an access violation may be reported during session creation.