OpenBots Automation QuickPack Services | Webinar | March 9th | 11:00 AM EST

Why OpenBots?

OpenBots allows you to build a digital workforce and automate straight-forward and repetitive actions with ease. Included is a “what you see is what you get” designer with dozens of automation commands and options as well as a screen recorder that records and replays scripted automation. With OpenBots, you can spend less time writing code and more time building functionality.
OpenBots is based on TaskT OpenSource project ( OpenBots Team has years of RPA Automation and Product Development experience and used that experience to evolve the project into a full suite of RPA Automation product including OpenBots RPA Studio, OpenBots Agent and OpenBots Server. All 3 Components are fully Open Source.
In addition to OpenBots RPA Suite, OpenBots also has other products including OpenBots Discovery (A SAAS based OpenBots Process Discovery and Analysis tool) and OpenBots Documents (A SAAS based Intelligent Document Processing tool).
OpenBots is a full Intelligent Automation suite with a true OpenSource core.



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