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Scaling Unattended Robots – UiPath vs. OpenBots

Ashish Nangla by Ashish Nangla - June 22, 2021
Scaling Unattended Robots – UiPath vs. OpenBots

Any mature RPA platform would typically provide the following core tools.

  • Developer IDE for automation development
  • Central Server to manage and orchestrate automations
  • Runtime Agents to run deployed automations

Both UiPath and OpenBots have these required components.

UiPath OpenBots
Developer IDE UiPath Studio OpenBots Studio
Management Server UiPath Orchestrator OpenBots Server
Runtime Agents UiPath Robot OpenBots Agent

This report provides a comparison of license requirements on UiPath and OpenBots for scaling unattended automations (5 to 200 automations).

UiPath is a commercially licensed product with yearly license renewal, whereas OpenBots is a zero cost license platform, providing the least operational cost for automation ownership.

Typically, while establishing an automation environment the business needs one server, multiple runtime agents and one Developer IDE for each developer on the automation development team. In addition, it is required to setup a non-production environment for development and automation testing.

There is also generally a need for platform support from the vendor. Both UiPath and OpenBots have two different plans (Premium Care and Premium Plus from UiPath and Priority and Enterprise plans from OpenBots).

Below is the comparison for scaling from 5 to 200 automations using UiPath and OpenBots.

UiPath License and Support Cost

OpenBots License and Support Cost

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Ashish Nangla

About Ashish Nangla

An InsureTech Leader with more than 16 years in the Insurance & Financial Services industry, Subject Matter Expert in User Experience (UX), Blockchain (Distributed Ledger including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Chat Bots, Internet of Things (IOT), Usage Based Insurance and Cloud. Ashish is an Avid supporter of the technological evolution and is constantly exploring the possibilities of how technology and innovation can be leveraged to add more value businesses and their processes. At OpenBots, Ashish’s vision is to democratize enterprise RPA by eliminating bot license costs and make automation and the benefits that come with it more accessible to all.

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