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RPA Workflow Automation
for Accounting Firms

According to a 2019 Economist survey, 59% of Finance and Accounting leaders believe Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will make their business more competitive. RPA helps organizations boost productivity, drive down costs, and streamline compliance.

RPA frees more time for teams to act proactively and focus on value added work that brings revenue to the business.

Workflow Automation
Some areas in which we have seen notable results deploying RPA for F&A functions include:
Sales Quote Generation
Travel and expense processing
Financial Planning
Financial Planning & Forecasting
Invoice distribution
Financial statement preparation
Tax Reporting
Tax Reporting
Order data validation
Updating treasury systems
Vendor Invoice
Vendor Invoice Processing
Payment matching & processing
General Ledger Updates
Vendor Payment
Vendor Payment Management
Logistics management
Cash Application

Automate Accounting Processes on Top of Your Existing RPA

RPA offers a less intrusive way to digitize your F&A operations, delivering the ability to automate processes on top of your existing systems and aggregate data across all fintech applications.

RPA can also help minimize business risk by enabling faster, more accurate reporting and the ability for teams to proactively respond to evolving compliance mandates.

From an auditing standpoint, RPA allows accountants to operate at a much higher level and improve audit quality. The technology is able to digitize mundane tasks within the audit process previously performed manually, and supports the reengineering and standardization of audit processes across an organization.

Automate Accounting
Existing RPA

With agile organizations under pressure to optimize costs, generate higher ROI, and continuously improve productivity, RPA is quickly becoming a point of focus for finance and accounting teams.

According to Gartner, around 80% of finance leaders have already implemented or are planning to implement the technology. License-free RPA can deliver game-changing results to these organizations, helping to improve speed and efficiency, reduce manual effort, and improve bottom line.

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