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Seamlessly Integrate Patient Data into Your System with Ease

Convert documents to data instantly and integrate to your current systems.

Streamline patient intake, optimize EMR/EHR Integration, and integrate patient data to your current systems with the OpenBots platform.

Automate Patient Intake, Referral Management, RCM, and connect multiple EMRs to your systems.

Medical facilities manage multiple EHR and EMR systems that don’t necessarily speak to each other.

These systems handle data differently, and medical staff spends many hours on manual data entry into these EMR systems.

The OpenBots platform unlocks clinical and operational data from disparate systems and seamlessly integrates into any CRM.

Which Healthcare Processes Can Be Automated?

Discover how healthcare and life science institutions are utilizing Intelligent Automation and AI:

  • Patient Intake – One way that intelligent automation is helping healthcare facilities is by automating the scheduling of appointments and the registration process. This can reduce human errors, and the time and effort required for the staff to manually schedule appointments and enter patient information into electronic health records (EHRs).
  • Claims processing and adjudication – Utilizing Digital Bots to procedure and adjudicate healthcare claims are specifically precious in the enrollment period. Operational processes that used to take hours or days are now completed with the aid of using Digital Bots but in a fraction of the time. Reducing human mistakes and claims cycle time also can have an advantageous effect on the company.
  • Referral Management – Automation streamlines this process by seamlessly routing referrals to the appropriate providers, reducing administrative bottlenecks, and improving patient outcomes. AI algorithms can even prioritize referrals based on urgency and patient history, ensuring timely care.
  • EnrollmentDigital Bots are trained to carry out identical computer actions as the enrollment staff and procedure enrollments across the clock to lessen the overhead and save you any backlog.
  • Data Processing – Digital Bots can monitor incoming enrollment data and start processing as enrollments are acquired. Digital Bots can also be applied to run enrollment data audits.
  • Create leads directly in your CRM – Validate customer eligibility, generate scheduling requests and seamlessly log them into the EMR.
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) – Automation can significantly reduce manual intervention in these tasks, leading to quicker reimbursements, reduced errors, and improved revenue flow.
  • EMR Integrations – Integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems is crucial for providing seamless patient care. Automation facilitates this integration process by ensuring that patient data flows seamlessly between different healthcare applications. It enhances interoperability, reduces data entry errors, and improves the accuracy of medical records.
  • Document Processing — Digitize Medical Records Traditional document processing in healthcare is time-consuming and error-prone. OpenBots Documents with GPT revolutionizes this process by automating the extraction of critical data from medical records, prescriptions, and other documents. This technology can accurately convert unstructured data into structured formats, enabling better decision-making and enhancing patient care.

Connect EMR/EHR to Salesforce Health Cloud

As a healthcare provider, you need data to be interoperable throughout all systems.

Robotic Process Automation is used to create workflow automations in healthcare such as scheduling patient visits, billing, appointment follow-ups, and other repetitive processes.

For years it’s been difficult and cost prohibitive to integrate EMR systems with the Health Cloud and other CRMs.

OpenBots makes this integration possible and unlocks hidden opportunities for collaboration and revenue growth.

Healthcare automation uses bots, or digital workers, to handle time-consuming tasks essential for medical staff and patient interactions.

Reducing transaction errors and streamlining patient information are a few ways bots create an enhanced end-to-end experience in healthcare.

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