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Banks spend around 30-40% of their time on back-office processing and manual documentation. Other financial institutions spend, on average, 61% of their time collecting and processing data for compliance purposes.

How Financial Intitutions Achieve Success With OpenBots


Pages processed annually

65 %

Productivity Increase


Hours Per Week Saved

Regional Bank Icon Regional Bank

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Loans processed annually

87 %

Processing time reduction

100 %

Compliance with QA requirement


New Loan Onboarding Automation

20,000 +

Documents processed per month

Mortgage West Icon Mortgage West Coast

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30,000 +

Monthly pages processed

88 %

Time Reduction to process policies

220 %

Increased in Customer Satisfaction

Insurance Agency Icon Insurance Agency, Canada

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932,000 +

Invoices processed annually

75 %

Time Reduction to process invoices

98 %

Data Accuracy

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A study by the Federal Reserve found that loan officers spend nearly 21% of their time on loan documentation & processing.

These insights underscore the challenges faced by loan officers, underwriters and staff due to manual document processing and the need for accurate data entry into systems of record.
The adoption of intelligent automation and AI solutions, like those offered by OpenBots, has proven to alleviate these burdens by automating data extraction and entry, thus improving efficiency and accuracy.

Discover the Cutting-Edge Automation Processes

Transforming Finance Institutions

  • Automate ACH TransactionsElevate your ACH process with OpenBots. Achieve real-time settlement, minimize manual errors, and enhance transaction security, all while driving down operational costs.
  • Streamline Wire TransfersOpenBots delivers seamless wire transfer automation. Experience unparalleled speed, fortified security, and error-free processing to exceed customer expectations.
  • Revolutionize Loan OnboardingImplement OpenBots to automate the entire loan onboarding journey. Expedite approvals, ensure compliance, and deliver an exceptional customer experience from day one.
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