Open Source RPA Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable processes have historically been some of the most targeted tasks for automation throughout the RPA space.

OpenBots Studio: Open Source RDA Automation for Financial Statement Reporting

A large Financial Services Firm employed 100 financial controllers to manage client finance needs.

OpenBots Studio: Open Source RPA for Processing Insurance Claims

Many processes within the insurance industry rely upon both legacy systems and newer applications and technologies.

OpenBots Studio: Open Source RPA for Roll-Up Strategy Acquisitions

A medium-sized medical device company was looking to acquire and merge several other companies

OpenBots Studio: Open Source Automation for Customer Services and Support Operations

Customer Service and Support is a major differentiator and competitive advantage in some cases for organizations

OpenBots Studio: Open Source RPA Automation for Inventory Reordering

Without a consistent procedure and a dedicated procurement manager, inventory reordering can be a tedious process

OpenBots Studio: Open Source Automation for Sales Lead Extraction and LinkedIn Outreach

As the workplace becomes more digital, B2B firms have had to make adjustments from in-person meetings

New Hire Onboarding Bot for Tax Firm

Anna works in the HR Department of a National Tax Firm and is responsible for onboarding new employees.