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Accounts Recievable: Managing Invoice Collection and Customer Outreach

Accounts Payable processes have historically been some of the most targeted tasks for automation throughout the RPA space.

OCR Invoice Processing Solution

The Accounts Payable Department of a major manufacturing company is responsible for locating

Accounts Receivable Overdue Items Follow Up

A Global Insurance Company is made up of 100’s of insurance brokers that act as agents for their respective insurance clients.

Point of Sales to SAP

The Accounting team at a Fashion Retailer currently reconciles their point of sale system to their bank system

Automating Mortgage Breach Letters

The client’s Default Management Function was broken into four separate business units

Fannie Mae: Electronic Default Reporting

Fannie Mae provides incentives to loan servicers to provide accurate reporting for all loans

Quick Win Processes in Mortgage Loan Servicing (FHA)

Due to the nationwide economic impact of the coronavirus, a large mortgaging investment

Mortgage Loan Suspense Processing

A Mortgage Loan Servicing Company is responsible for managing their borrower’s suspense accounts.

Know Your Customer: Data Download

For any company Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of running a profitable business.

Mitigate Risk of Automation Failure with Exception Handling

Without exception handling added into the development process for an automation the workflow will fail

New Hire Onboarding Bot for Tax Firm

Anna works in the HR Department of a National Tax Firm and is responsible for onboarding new employees.

Automation for Sales Lead Extraction and LinkedIn Outreach

As the workplace becomes more digital, B2B firms have had to make adjustments from in-person meetings

Automation for Inventory Reordering

Without a consistent procedure and a dedicated procurement manager, inventory reordering can be a tedious process

Automation for Customer Services and Support Operations

Customer Service and Support is a major differentiator and competitive advantage in some cases for organizations

Automation for Roll-Up Strategy Acquisitions

A medium-sized medical device company was looking to acquire and merge several other companies

Automation for Processing Insurance Claims

Many processes within the insurance industry rely upon both legacy systems and newer applications and technologies.

Automation for Financial Statement Reporting

A large Financial Services Firm employed 100 financial controllers to manage client finance needs.

Automation for Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable processes have historically been some of the most targeted tasks for automation throughout the RPA space.