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Transform Your Insurance Business With Intelligent Automation

Improve fraud detection, build faster claims processing, and create your digital workforce with the OpenBots Platform.

Insurance organizations have many critical processes that can be executed by digital bots, and with zero-bot licensing, companies can scale quickly and immediately to meet their automation goals.

Watch how other insurance business are using intelligent automation.
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Discover Which Insurance Processes Can Be Automated

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From Underwriting to Sales Intelligent Automation Improves Your Back-Office Processes

Given the high-volume and repetitive nature of many insurance processes, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an ideal solution to help insurance companies enhance productivity and reduce operational costs while improving business efficiency.

Insurance companies have no shortage of automatable processes within their operations, however, they used to be limited to only automating a few because commercial RPA Software licensing is so costly.

To solve for this, OpenBots eliminated the cost on all bot licensing. With zero cost bot licensing there is no barrier to entry and organizations can scale quickly and elastically without concern for budget constraints.

License-free RPA can streamline a variety of operational insurance processes

  • Form Registration
  • Policy Cancellation
  • Channel Management and Customer Acquisition
  • Claims Registration and Processing
  • Customer Complaints
  • Underwriting
  • Generating Follow-Up Alerts
  • Onboarding
  • Updating and Verifying Customer Data
  • Retrieving Policyholder Data from Various Sources

See How An Automation for Processing Insurance Claims Looks

Many processes within the insurance industry rely upon both legacy systems and newer applications and technologies.

From underwriting to billing, from risk management to policy administration, automation can streamline these processes for higher employee output and improved policyholder experience.

How Intelligent Automation Worked For Accounts Receivable Process

A Global Insurance Company is made up of 100’s of insurance brokers that act as agents for their respective insurance clients.

The company had an internal team of accounting employees currently spending a portion of their day dedicated to checking through every policy broker’s accounts and portfolio of corresponding invoices to see if any of their payments are overdue.

Insurance Automation FAQs

Where is RPA used in the insurance industry?

Insurance companies of all types use RPA in several areas such as Claims Processing, Underwriting and Quotes, Policy Administration and Servicing, and Sales Distributions. Due to the high standardization of processes and the repetitive nature, many major functionalities of Insurance companies can be automated with RPA.

What RPA Platform is Best for Insurance Organizations?

There are several major RPA Platform Vendors in the industry, it depends on the needs of the organization. Different tools offer varying add-ons such as Desktop Automation, Document Processing, Process Mining, and Cloud Orchestration. Only one enterprise-grade platform offers all of these features AND zero-cost bot licensing.

What are the main benefits of insurance automation with RPA?

RPA reduces operational costs, improves efficiency, and guarantees process accuracy with no errors.

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