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OpenBots is the first Business Automation Platform with a Zero Bot License model in the world.

In 2023, OpenBots also became the first Business Automation Platform to make GPT and AI available to Document Processing; eliminating machine learning from IDP.


OpenBots is a full-featured Business Automation platform designed to process documents, build and orchestrate enterprise automations at a fraction of the price of any platform on the market.

The #1 reason we exist is to eliminate the licensing costs of legacy RPA platforms and replace them with zero-bot licensing.

Why pay for bot-licensing?

The top RPA platforms charge for each license, or per-bot, thousands of dollars making the cost of RPA expensive.

OpenBots provides friction-free access to enterprise-grade RPA tools with zero-bot licensing.

What is the BIG challenge with digital transformation?

It’s not a lack of understanding of the tools, short-sided business goals, or the technology itself.
Licensing kills digital transformation. It makes the total cost of ownership exceed the ROI of most RPA programs.

What’s the solution?

Remove bot licensing from the market!

The OpenBots Platform enables organizations of all sizes to build powerful workflow automations that cost exponentially less than any other RPA provider.

Don’t pay per bot! Say yes to anti-licensing.

Get Started with OpenBots for free.


Meet Our Global Leadership Team

Ashish Nangla

Ashish Nangla

CEO, CTO and Co-Founder

Gilberto Marcano

Gilberto Marcano

Chief Marketing Officer

Karan Sehgal

Karan Sehgal

Chief Customer Officer

Cameron Herwig

Cameron Herwig

Senior Product Manager

Jason Dzamba

Jason Dzamba

Director of Media Relations

Francesca Faerman

Francesca Faerman

Platform Engineer

Gabriel Skelton

Gabriel Skelton

Director of Banking and Mortgage Automation Solutions

Listen to Our PodcastInside The Bot

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We discuss topics related to RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more.

Learn who OpenBots is and how our enterprise-grade RPA platform is taking the automation industry by storm!

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