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What’s included in the OpenBots Platform?

Intelligent Document Processing

With OpenBots Documents you can extract data from structured and unstructured documents. This includes PDF, Word, Excel and even images from scanned documents.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Build your digital workforce with OpenBots Studio and orchestrate your Automation structure in our Cloud Server or On-Prem for those companies that are not cloud ready.
Business Tools

Business Tools

With OpenBots Apps users create forms and sites with our drag-and-drop features, no coding is needed. With Business Center users manage human tasks and actions.

What’s included in the Business Platform?

What’s included in the Business Platform?

What’s included in the Business Platform?

Document Gpt
  • Convert documents to data instantaneously. No Machine Learning necessary.
  • Eliminate human error and validate all data before it enters your systems.
  • Allow business teams to extract data, analyze documents and eliminate hours of manual labor.
  • Business teams can use document understanding features like Entity Explorer and Timelines to analyze your data accurately.
  • Easily connect document data into your automation workflow with the full power of The OpenBots Platform.
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OpenBots Document Assistant

RPA Studio Cloud or On-Prem Server

  • Create automations that remove manual and time-consuming work.
  • Build with our low-code editor and manage with enterprise-grade orchestration tools.
  • Scale unlimitedly without hidden costs or bot licensing fees.
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OpenBots Automate Tasks Studio

Drag Drop Form Builder, Automation Management Center

  • Build forms with our no-code builder that integrates with Claims Management Systems, LOS, EMRs, and more.
  • Trigger automations dependent on user input and monitor activity with human-in-the-loop tools.
  • Create work items on the fly for seamless collaboration between your team and automations.
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OpenBots Create Form Business Apps

Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are at the core of how we build our product and services. OpenBots is compliant with HIPAA, SOC2 and PCi.

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SOC 2 is a compliance standard for service organizations, developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), which specifies how organizations should manage customer data.

The standard is based on the following Trust Services Criteria: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, & privacy.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

HIPAA Compliance is the process by which covered entities need to protect and secure a patient’s healthcare data or Protected Health Information.

What’s included in the OpenBots Platform?

Discover Processes

Openbots Discovery

Discover your Best Processes

Generate and catalog process automation ideas using the Discovery tool.

Create your automation pipeline by evaluating the feasibility of each automation based on its complexity and business benefits.

Discovery is included in all plans.

Openbots BusinessCenter

Automate Tasks

  • Openbots Studio
  • Openbots Support
  • Openbots Agent
  • Openbots cloudServer

Develop automation scripts using an easy-to-use, low-code editor

Drag and drop using pre-built commands that integrate with popular apps or customize them using C# or Python.

Studio, Assistant, and Agent are included in all plans.

Develop Automation Scripts

Process Document

Openbots Documents

Extract and PROCESS ANY Document

Leverage AI and ML auto-learning capabilities that classify, extract and validate scanned documents and images.

The IDP engine reads structured or unstructured data and improves its accuracy over time.

Documents is included in all Cloud plans.

Openbots Documents

Connect Systems

  • Openbots Studio
  • Openbots CloudServer
  • Openbots Agent

Connect Systems

Business users can execute attended automations any time they need using either the assistant or agent.

They run bots from their desktops on-demand for easy and efficient process flows

Connect Systems

Create Workflows

Openbots SitesForums

Create Web Pages & Forms without Code

That are unique to your business processes.

Create automated workflows that integrate with your systems and trigger forms dependent on user input.

Sites and Forms is included in all Cloud plans.

Openbots SitesForums

Optimize Workforce

  • Openbots Business
  • Openbots Dashbord

Monitor ALL Activity in one place

View human and bot interactions in real-time. Get alerts when processes require approvals and ping your team.

Create work items and initiate automations on the fly for a seamless workflow between humans and bots.

Business Center is included in all Cloud plans.

Openbots Ninja

Migrate Bots

Openbots Bot Migration

Easily Migrate Bots From Other Platforms

Ninja transfers your automations from other platforms to OpenBots with up to 80% accuracy.

Skip the time-consuming work of manual migration and take advantage of 60% annual savings powered by zero-bot licensing.

Ninja is included in enterprise plans.

Openbots Migrate Bots

The OpenBots Platform In Action

Process Automation ideas are generated and cataloged in OpenBots Discovery Tool.

Openbots Business Divisions

Business Divisions

Openbots Business Arrow

Send process automation ideas for analysis

Openbots Discover

Process Discovery & Pipeline

Automation pipeline is created after evaluating process catalog for automation feasibility, complexity and benefits based on business motivators.

Generate automation feasibility and benefits

Feasibility And Benefits
Business Arrow

Automation Pipeline

Automation Developer develops a new automation script using an easy to use, low code OpenBots Studio.

Business Arrow

Moving pipeline for development

Openbots Studio

Migration from other platforms

Business Arrow
Openbots Ninja

Easily Migrate automation code written on other platforms using OpenBots Ninja to take advantage of Zero Bot Licensing.

Process Automation ideas are generated and cataloged in OpenBotts Discovery Tool.

Publish developed Automation

Business Arrow


Openbots Enterprise


Openbots Clodserver

Use OpenBots Serve to schedule Automation execution on Robots (Un-attended Mode)

Openbots Enterprise


Openbots Clodserver

Un-Attended Execution

Openbots Attended Execution
Openbots Agent

Openbots Arrowrun

Openbots Assistant

On-Demand Execution by business Users on their desktop (Attended Mode)

Optionally use OpenBots Business Center to develop human in the loop capability and Business workflows for human and or task orchestration.

Openbots Agent
Business Arrow


Business Bussiness Center Openbots Forums

Build forms with no coding knowledge. These forms can then be sent to users to fill out as part of process workflow where human input is needed.


Openbots Business Center Openbots Forums
Business Arrow

Leverage OpenBots Documents with AI and auto learning capabilities for intelligent document classification, extraction and validation in case the data is required from scanned structured or unstructured documents.

Openbots Agent
Business Arrow
Openbots Document

intelligent document processing

Send Execution logs, status and other output communication back from Robot to OpenBots Server for centralized audit and tracking.

Openbots Enterprise


Openbots Clodserver

Execution status and logs sent back to server

Business Arrow
Document Data

Document Data Extraction

Build and configure custom dashboards for both Automation operations teams and business teams giving them required execution insights with visualization and reports.

Openbots Agent

Arrow Leftrun

Openbots Assitant

Robot interacts with Business users during Execution

Business Arrow

Execution Logs sent for business and operational insights

Openbots Dashboard

Third-Party Analyst Reports:

Intelligent Automation Technologies

OpenBots Ranked as a Major Contender in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for RPA 2022

Everest Group Robotic Process Automation Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022,” positioned OpenBots, SAP, and IBM as major contenders, based on an in-depth evaluation of diverse criteria assessing vision, capability, and market impact.

OpenBots Ranks Ranked as a major contender in Everest’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Unstructured Document Processing Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 

OpenBots Keynote & Technical Overview

Watch the OpenBots keynote from the GDWS-2023 and a technical tutorial with Cameron Herwig (our Senior Product Developer) and Anders Jensen.

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