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Workforce Summit 2023

The Global Digital Workforce Summit brings together the brightest minds in the IA community to share automation solutions and insights.
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Day 01 - Sessions

Day 1 - Morning Session

Day 1 - Afternoon Session

Day 1 - Developers Session

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Kieran Gillmurry

Digital Dos and Dont’s and Every Possible Lesson in Between

Jonathan Roth

Automate Collection of Delinquent Invoices

Joe Labbe

The Number One Reason RPA Projects Fail:

Automation Production Environment

Francesco Paola

The Impact of Intelligent Automation on Mortgage Loan Quality

Eric Marshall

How to Maximize Human Potential with Automation

Chandrasekar Ramaswamy

Digital Worker as a Consumable Model:

Research Bot and Claims Status Updating Bot

Carl Wocke

Digital Twins in RPA and Intelligent Automation

Andrew Duncan

A CUSO’s Journey into Intelligent Automation

Wilton Rogers

How to Maximize Human Potential with Automation

Tolani Jaiye Tikolo

Robotic Operating Model and Delivery Methodology

Shail Khiyara

Automation Is Trending & Trends in Automation

Samuel Hamway

How to Evaluate Enterprise Technology

Rebecca Huus

Analyzing the Cost and Benefits of Implementing an Automation Strategy

Pascal Bornet

The Future of Intelligent Automation

Olivier Gomez (OG)

Working Backwards with an Outcome-Based Model

Nancy Herrington

Extending RPA Robots with AI

Mike Reynolds

The Pros and Cons of a Digital Workforce

Cristina Duta

Optimizing Digital Workers:

A Practical Guide for Business Leaders

Ema Roloff

The People Side of Transformation:

Why Change Management Is Critical for Success

Steve Burke

Digital Twins in RPA and Intelligent Automation

Lori Moore

Building Effective COE Programs to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Anders Jensen

Developing Digital Workers on Openbots

Adrienne Kelly

Efficiency, the New Bottom Line

Umaema Ashraf and Kyle Souza

Tax Cards & Vesting Deed Automation:

Finding Efficiencies for Land Agents

Marilynn Leonard and Chris Cochrane

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