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Working Backwards with an Outcome-Based Model


A digital workforce is a team of software robots that work in cooperation with human employees to accomplish repeated tasks and processes. These robots can be built with different technologies (Orchestration, RPA, AI, ML) and configured to take any systematic/repetitive process that humans follow, freeing up human employees to do more high-value work. A digital workforce is flexible and can be scaled on demand depending on your business needs. They are as critical as a human workforce, and this automation footprint needs to be seen and managed as an ongoing 24/7 operation and not a project with a beginning and an end.

Here is the OG-approved list:

  • Risk management and quality: Human error can cost too much for the organization. Automation makes it nearly impossible to deviate from the best practices defined. The digital workforce is 100 % accurate, 100 % reliable, and 100 % flexible.
  • Higher efficiency and processing speed: Compared to humans, automated robots can perform the same functions at a totally different level of efficiency and speed.
  • Rapid ROI: By focusing on business outcomes and correctly implementing a digital workforce, you can achieve ROI within a short duration.
  • Easy to scale: Unlike the human workforce, robots can be scaled up and down comparatively easily. It is also easier to get the right numbers of staff at the right time.
  • Improve data accuracy: data is the new oil. Human data are prone to errors, which affects the overall quality and efficiency of the work. By adopting automation, the data quality, completeness and structure get greatly improved.
  • Reduce cost: Digital workforce allows employees to stop doing mundane work and focus on more essential duties. Interaction with customers is more accurate and faster, while employees’ morale can improve by removing repetitive tasks.

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