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After much analysis, we chose OpenBots as our RPA service provider.
Our bots automate the preparation of an approved patent application for filing, the checking of the patent application and its corresponding filing documents for accuracy, and the uploading of the patent application to Patent Center.
The future is now at Harrity & Harrity, LLP.

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Everest Group Intelligent

OpenBots Intelligent Document Processing tool was selected as the top tool among the new aspirants in 2022.

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Nucleus Research Recognized OpenBots as Core Provider in

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Scale your digital transformation without paying unnecessary licensing fees. OpenBots is the first Enterprise RPA Platform with zero bot licensing costs. It’s fully featured and on-parity with leading RPA vendors. Get ready for exponential growth.

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Quotation Mark

With OpenBots, we can automatically move critical patient data between Health Cloud and our EMR which allows us to expedite service and scale our business. Embracing this technology lets us eliminate work that is no longer necessary creating more time spent with patients, less training for new employees, and decreases the FTE’s required to perform the same amount of work.

Michael Rappaport CEO MarketPlace Physical Therapy

OpenBots opens many opportunities for us to build cost-efficient bots!

Chief Executive Officer Hyper-Bot

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OpenBots is an end to end Zero Bot License RPA solutions platform.