How to Scale Enterprise RPA with ZERO cost Bot Licensing! | Webinar | April 21,2021 | 10:30 AM EST

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OpenBots is the only Enterprise RPA Platform with ZERO Bot Licensing costs with a Functionality Rich extensible Studio and Orchestrator. $5K cost represents Standard Support plan for a fair comparison.


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    A Comprehensive Developer Certification program for OpenBots.

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  • Essentials of RPA using OpenBots

    Free Essentials of RPA using OpenBots

    This Course will provide an introduction to using OpenBots for implementing process automation.



Four Reasons Insurance Companies Need an Open-Source RPA Tool

The insurance industry is a well-respected field that has been around since the days of sailing and cargo shipping.

Why the days of licensed commercial RPA software are numbered!

In many ways, RPA technology is an evolution of QA Automation Technologies.

The Case for RPA in Mid-Market Organizations

Small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges in starting an RPA Program.

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