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Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

With Zero Cost Licensing

Join the only Enterprise Robotic Process Automation Platform with ZERO Bot Licensing Costs and Skyrocket your ROI.


vs RPA Vendors

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This is not about cost savings… this is about enablement. With OpenBots, I have the flexibility to customize my automation program to suit the needs of my team and our Company.
Head of Innovation
Insurance Company in Midwest

Zero License RPA

Is About Enablement

  • Scale Infinitely

    Scale Infinitely

    Redirect RPA budget to build more Automations

  • Increase Elasticity

    Increase Elasticity

    Ramp up and ramp down based on variable bot utilization

  • Scale Infinitely

    Monetize RPA Automations with APIs

    Monetize / Extend scope of RPA by encapsulating as APIs


RPA Platform

How will you Re-Invest

Your Licensing Savings?

Scale Your Organization

Increase your number of bots freely and digitally transform your entire organization without needing a budget increase

Professional Services

Accelerate the pace and quality of your automations by hiring seasoned professionals to build complex end-to-end solutions and maximize ROI

Enhance Your Processes

Add smart automation technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, an Document Understanding to more fully automate critical business processes

Maintain Your Processes

Monitor, Support, and Enhance your atomations, this allows for evolution over time to increase process abilities, ROI and reduce critical bot down time



RPA – Cost of Automation Ownership

Over the last few years, RPA has gained a lot of traction as many organizations have started to embrace automation

Scaling Unattended Robots – UiPath vs. OpenBots

This report provides a comparison of license requirements on UiPath and OpenBots for scaling unattended automations

Planning to Buy RPA?

License costs for commercial RPA platforms consume a large portion of the total costs for automation in any enterprise.

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Automation journey

OpenBots is an end to end Zero Bot License RPA solutions platform.