First RPA & Intelligent Document Processing Platform with Zero Bot License

Automate Documents & Business Processes
using the OpenBots Platform
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Gpt Intelligent Document Processing
Intelligent Document Processing

What’s included in the Business Automation Platform?

Process Documents

Document Gpt
  • Maximize the full potential of AI and GPT technology
  • Instantly classify, read, and extract data with up to 100% accuracy
  • Chat in real-time to locate desired information and create reports and summaries
  • Automatically copy into web applications using our Google Chrome extension
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Automate Tasks & Processes

RPA Studio & Cloud or On-Prem Server

  • Create automations that remove manual and time-consuming work
  • Build with our low-code editor and manage with enterprise-grade orchestration tools
  • Scale unlimitedly without hidden costs or bot licensing fees
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Openbots Studio And Cloud Server

Create Forms & Sites Manage Human Tasks & Actions

Drag & Drop Form Builder, Automation Management Center

  • Build forms with our no-code builder that integrates with Claims Management Systems, LOS, EMRs, and more
  • Trigger automations dependent on user input and monitor activity with human-in-the-loop tools
  • Create work items on the fly for seamless collaboration between your team and automations
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Trusted by Companies & Partners Worldwide

After much analysis, we chose OpenBots as our RPA service provider.

Our bots automate the preparation of an approved patent application for filing, the checking of the patent application and its corresponding filing documents for accuracy, and the uploading of the patent application to Patent Center.

The future is now at Harrity & Harrity, LLP.

John Harrity Harrity & Harrity, LLP.

With OpenBots, we can automatically move critical patient data between Health Cloud and our EMR which allows us to expedite service and scale our business. Embracing this technology lets us eliminate work that is no longer necessary creating more time spent with patients, less training for new employees, and decreases the FTE’s required to perform the same amount of work.

Michael Rappaport CEO MarketPlace Physical Therapy

OpenBots opens many opportunities for us to build cost-efficient bots!

Chief Executive Officer Hyper-Bot

The overall project was an unquestionable success. I would absolutely recommend OpenBots as an RPA platform solution.

Joe Lewis Chief Technology Officer, Plaza Home Mortgage

Having an outside partner that is truly objective that can look at a process side-by-side and coming with an outside perspective is critical to identifying the optimal solution. We found this to be the hidden value.

Andrew Duncan SVP and Mortgage Technology and Compliance, TruHome

I wanted a company that was willing to partner with is to accomplish what we wanted to do with automation. When I started talking to OpenBots, it felt that this was very much the case, and it has proven out to be so.

Jeff Nickles Vice President of Data, Insurica

OpenBots are movers and shakers in this field.

Eric Marshall Director of Intelligent Automation, SelectQuote

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