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What’s included in the OpenBots Platform?

Automate Tasks

Develop automation scripts using an easy-to-use, low-code editor

Drag and drop using pre-built commands that integrate with popular apps or customize them using C# or Python.

Studio, Assistant, and Agent are included in all plans.

Automate Task Logo

Discover Processes

Discover repetitive Businesses Processes that can be automated with OpenBots

Generate and catalog process automation ideas using the Discovery tool.

Create your automation pipeline by evaluating the feasibility of each automation based on its complexity and business benefits.

Discovery is included in all plans.

Openbots Discovery

Process Document

Extract and PROCESS ANY Document

Leverage AI and ML auto-learning capabilities that classify, extract and validate scanned documents and images.

The IDP engine reads structured or unstructured data and improves its accuracy over time.

Documents is included in all Cloud plans.

Openbots Documents

Connect Systems

Connect Systems

Business users can execute attended automations any time they need using either the assistant or agent.

They run bots from their desktops on-demand for easy and efficient process flows

Connect Systems Logo

Create Workflows

Create Web Pages & Forms without Code

That are unique to your business processes.

Create automated workflows that integrate with your systems and trigger forms dependent on user input.

Sites and Forms is included in all Cloud plans.

Openbots SitesForums

Optimize Workforce

Monitor ALL Activity in one place

View human and bot interactions in real-time. Get alerts when processes require approvals and ping your team.

Create work items and initiate automations on the fly for a seamless workflow between humans and bots.

Business Center is included in all Cloud plans.

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Migrate Bots

Easily Migrate Bots From Other Platforms

Ninja transfers your automations from other platforms to OpenBots with up to 80% accuracy.

Skip the time-consuming work of manual migration and take advantage of 60% annual savings powered by zero-bot licensing.

Ninja is included in enterprise plans.

Openbots Bot Migration

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Quotation Mark

Trusted by Companies & Partners Worldwide

After much analysis, we chose OpenBots as our RPA service provider.

Our bots automate the preparation of an approved patent application for filing, the checking of the patent application and its corresponding filing documents for accuracy, and the uploading of the patent application to Patent Center.

The future is now at Harrity & Harrity, LLP.

John Harrity Harrity & Harrity, LLP.

With OpenBots, we can automatically move critical patient data between Health Cloud and our EMR which allows us to expedite service and scale our business. Embracing this technology lets us eliminate work that is no longer necessary creating more time spent with patients, less training for new employees, and decreases the FTE’s required to perform the same amount of work.

Michael Rappaport CEO MarketPlace Physical Therapy

OpenBots opens many opportunities for us to build cost-efficient bots!

Chief Executive Officer Hyper-Bot

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OpenBots Ranked As Major Contender in Everest’s Group’s Peak Matrix for RPA 2022.

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