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Automate Document Data into Portfolio Accounting Systems

A study endorsed by Deloitte reveals that asset management firms implementing digital transformation and automation strategies experienced significant performance boosts.
These firms reported a 13% increase in productivity, an 8% growth in Assets Under Management (AUM), and a 7.7% rise in revenue.

How Asset and Wealth Management Firms Achieve Success with OpenBots


Pages processed annually

65 %

Productivity Increase


Hours Per Week Saved

Regional Bank Icon Regional Bank

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Loans processed annually

87 %

Processing time reduction

100 %

Compliance with QA requirement


New Loan Onboarding Automation

20,000 +

Documents processed per month

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30,000 +

Monthly pages processed

88 %

Time Reduction to process policies

220 %

Increased in Customer Satisfaction

Insurance Agency Icon Insurance Agency, Canada

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932,000 +

Invoices processed annually

75 %

Time Reduction to process invoices

98 %

Data Accuracy

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Enhanced Data Management and Analysis

Asset management companies have significantly benefited from implementing RPA and AI in data management and analysis. According to a report by Deloitte, these technologies have enabled firms to automate the extraction, processing, and analysis of vast amounts of financial data.
This automation not only reduces the time spent on data-related tasks by up to 40% but also improves the accuracy and reliability of financial reports and investment insights, ultimately aiding in better decision-making.
Enhancements in operational efficiency is exemplified in the processing of private equity and hedge fund statements. Through automation, these critical financial documents can be effectively extracted from websites or emails and seamlessly integrated into portfolio accounting systems, facilitating various subsequent tasks and contributing to the overall streamlining of asset management processes.
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Streamlined Compliance and Reporting

In the asset management sector, compliance with regulatory standards is a major operational focus. A study by EY highlighted that by integrating RPA and AI, firms have been able to automate key aspects of compliance and reporting processes.
This integration reduces the manual effort required for regulatory filings and compliance checks by approximately 30%, while also minimizing the risk of errors.
As a result, firms can more efficiently meet regulatory demands and allocate resources to core investment activities.
Streamlined Compliance Reporting openbots

Intelligent Automation Benefits for Asset and Wealth Management Firms

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

With automation, routine tasks are executed faster and more accurately, thereby reducing labor costs. OpenBots offers a unique advantage here by charging based on consumption, not per bot.
Increased Accuracy

Increased Accuracy

AI-powered solutions can sift through complex data with unprecedented precision, reducing errors and improving the quality of decision-making.


RPA and AI solutions scale with ease, providing flexibility as your business needs evolve. This makes your investment future-proof.
Enhanced Customer

Enhanced Customer Experience

Faster response times, accurate data, and efficient processes result in happier customers, which is a vital ingredient for long-term success.
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