Optimizing Life Sciences Operations:
Pharma & Labs Automation Solutions

Discover how OpenBots can transform your Life Sciences institution. From pharmaceuticals to laboratories, automate key processes for maximum efficiency and compliance.

Why Life Sciences Institutions Need Automation

The necessity for automation in Life Sciences institutions—spanning pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and research laboratories—is paramount, driven by the imperatives of compliance, efficiency, data integrity, and innovation.
For example, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, automation has been instrumental in ensuring stringent quality control and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), significantly reducing human error.
In this episode of Made with OpenBots, Roger Han describes how KMH Labs, a Life Science company from Ontario Canada, implemented Intelligent Document Processing and RPA.

Biotech Firms and Inventory Tracking Automation

In another instance, a leading biotech firm automated its data analytics for clinical trials, expediting time-to-market for critical medications. Research laboratories are increasingly leveraging automation for high-throughput screening, allowing for faster and more accurate data analysis.
Moreover, in the life science supply chain management, automation has transformed the inventory tracking and distribution of life-saving medications, ensuring real-time visibility and compliance with complex regulations.
Each of these examples underscores the transformative impact of automation in enhancing efficiency, ensuring compliance, and fostering innovation within the Life Sciences sector.

Life Science Workflow Example with Salesforce Health Cloud and OpenBots

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