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Transform Manufacturing and Logistics Operational Processes with Intelligent Automation

Unleash the power of automation to streamline operations, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.

OpenBots transforms productivity and brings new efficiencies to manufacturing organizations by eliminating the “friction” from processes typically performed manually, such as payment processing and procurement.

From Dispatcher Bots to Automating Load Bidding for Seamless Operations

Dispatch Automation

Say goodbye to manual tasks. Our Dispatcher bots log into Transplace portals, export auctions, and execute desired actions in seconds, around the clock. Boost efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Load Bidding Automation

Streamline your load bidding process with intelligent automation. Our platform retrieves load information from shipper portals, applies calculated markups, and posts offers through the SPI Load Bidding API. This enhances your visibility on load boards and expedites carrier selection.

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Unlock the power of intelligent data extraction with OpenBots Documents!

Seamlessly convert incoming documents—even faxes—into digital formats, and effortlessly integrate the extracted data into your systems. Transform your document management like never before!

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Streamline Your Finance and Accounting with Intelligent Automation.

Invoice distribution
Invoice distribution
Vendor Management
Vendor Management
Payment matching
Payment matching & processing
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Notification of overdue invoices
Sales order
Sales order management
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