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Digital Worker as a Consumable Model:

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Digital workforce is a scalable team of virtual workers developed using new age automation solutions such as RPA, AI, ML, OCR, Chabot’s, and NLP. It assists their human counterparts by efficiently handling rules bases repeatable tasks, interacting with disparate systems with the ability to continuously learn and get better. Digital workers improve the quality of the work for their human counterparts and enable processes shift left towards technology. Soon the Digital worker will become a consumable which will be hosted and supported by partners, where customers would not be responsible for the underlying technology or infrastructure.
Intelligent automation streamlines business processes, ensures accuracy and improves employee satisfaction while reducing operational costs and providing improved trackability and reporting. Growth of automation solution providers over the past 7 – 8 years is proof in point that enterprises are embracing the technology to their benefit and continue to shift left reducing their dependency on human employees.

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