Umaema And Kyle

Umaema Ashraf & Kyle Souza


Tax Cards & Vesting Deed Automation:

Finding Efficiencies for Land Agents


Kyle:   When I envision a Digital Workforce, I see people that have been enabled by technology to complete their goals without having to “do things the program’s way”, freeing them up to work on more creative and challenging tasks, while maintain a low-stress workflow.
Umaema:   A digital workforce to me means, digital workers that can get assigned tasks completed so that my workload can be minimized, and I’m able to work on the things that require more critical thinking.
Kyle:   I believe the impact of Intelligent Automation is threefold, (1) individuals can get tasks done faster, (2) companies save money, and (3) repetitive tedious jobs have been reduced.
Umaema:   The impact of intelligent automation, in my opinion, is a big and very necessary one. It takes away most of the mundane, and tedious work. It can set you up for a successful, productive, and actually pleasant workday. It at a minimum, doubles your workforce.
Kyle:    If I could change one this about the Intelligent automation Industry, I would love to improve the public’s knowledge and understanding about the varied and tangible ways these practices can be applied in their life. I’d like to think that through my daily interactions with others, presentations at events like this, and even posts on LinkedIn are achieving that change.
Umaema:   Currently, I don’t really see anything that needs to change. I’m enjoying the way things are.

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