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Extract & Process Data Accurately and Faster with Intelligent Document Processing

OpenBots Documents is a SaaS-based Intelligent Document Processing Solution that combines artificial intelligence (AI), optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning (ML) to solve the challenge of reading structured and unstructured documents within automated processes.

How Does Intelligent Document Processing Works?

OpenBots Documents can be integrated with your current automation program. Once a bot submits a document the digitalization with OCR begins.

It will then organize and classify the type of document while extracting the data.

The validation station confirms the data is correct and submits it back to the automation program or human in the loop.

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Intelligent Document Processing Features

Validation Station for Human-In-The-Loop to review and verify extracted data.

Canvas tool to create custom document templates and types based on your business.

AI and Machine Learning engine automatically trains and tunes itself without undergoing pre-training models

Ready to use forms for common use cases including Identity Documents, Insurance, Mortgage, Finance & Immigration Industries.

Activities and Commands to integrate with RPA tools including OpenBots Studio.

Classify and Extract from Structured and Unstructured documents across industries and use cases.

OpenBots Documents Pricing


  • $ 29 Monthly
  • Unlimited
    Bots & Use Cases
  • Connectors for OpenBots, Python, API and UIPath
  • Up to 5 Users for
    Validation Station
  • 30 Cents Per Structured or Unstructured Page
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  • $ 299 Monthly
  • Unlimited
    Bots & Use Cases
  • Connectors for OpenBots, Python, API and UIPath
  • Unlimited Users for
    Validation Station
  • 20 Cents Per Structured or Unstructured Page
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  • Unlimited
    Bots & Use Cases
  • Connectors for OpenBots, Python, API and UIPath
  • Unlimited Users for
    Validation Station
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documents can be processed with OB Documents?

OpenBots Documents can process structured and unstructured documents. Structured documents do not need any training, they would need only a good quality sample template to locate where the data to be extracted from. Unstructured documents require training of an AI Model which happens on an ongoing basis while the documents are processed manually using the Human In The Loop setup. The Human In The Loop module provides the appropriate training data for AI Models so no special training is required.

Can OB Documents process and extract information from hand written Documents?

Nope. At this time, Accuracy of handwritten documents is very low. Hence at this time we do not encourage any hand written documents use cases to be processed using OpenBots Documents.

Does OB Documents work with 3rd party OCR systems like AWS, Microsoft and others?

Yes, Internally OpenBots documents uses Google, AWS and Microsoft OCR Services.

How accurate is data extracted by OB Documents?

Accuracy is very subjective. Accuracy changes between every use case and is largely based on the quality of the incoming documents, trainability of AI Models, accuracy of those AI Models that are built on customer’s data exclusively for the customer and overall use of Human In The Loop module.

For indication purposes, a sample customer of OpenBots documents currently is using.

Does OB Documents have Human in the loop capability to validate Documents?

Yes, OpenBots Documents has a very effective Human In The Loop module also called Validation Station.

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