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Automate Documents to IT Systems

Extract & process data at scale from unstructured documents

No Machine Learning Necessary!

Accurately process documents at scale with the power of generative AI.

With the new OpenBots Documents with GPT, bots or humans can quickly extract and embed the desired data into the automation workflow.

Watch this Document AI demo with a KYC form.

Generative AI can instantly classify, extract, and analyze your documents

  • No Machine Learning (ML) Training Necessary.
    Yes, developers can cut months of training instantly!
  • Eliminate human error and validate all data before it enters your systems.
  • Allow business teams to extract data, analyze documents and eliminate hours of manual labor.
  • Business teams can use document understanding features like Entity Explorer and Timelines to analyze your data accurately.
  • Easily connect document data into your automation workflow with the full power of The OpenBots Platform.

Explore The Most Advanced AI-Powered Business Automation Platform

Generative AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing

  • Handle complex document types with the power of GPT technology.
  • Extract desired data in seconds with no Machine Learning necessary.
  • Embed data from hand-written and scanned documents.

Event Explorer

The timeline featured brings all the important events and dates within a document.

Entity Explorer

Quickly find all the entities involved in your document data.

Are you ready to automate your data extraction?

Contact our experts to discuss if the OpenBots platform is a good fit for your business.

Healthcare Document AI Extraction Case Study
Document AI solution for a Patient Referral & Salesforce EMR integration

  • Our video case study shows a provider facility receiving a patient referral as a fax and the creation of this referral and relevant patient records in Salesforce.
  • Intelligent Document Processing can extract data from a fax, structure and un-structure documents to accelerate your process and keep accuracy.
  • Healthcare Automation is improving how healthcare providers handle EHR systems.

Data Extraction Tool Simplified

Data Extraction: OpenBots AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing

Revolutionizing Document Processing: The Power of AI in Banking

OpenBots Documents with GPT FAQs

How secure are the documents that are uploaded into Documents with GPT? 

The end users’ data IS NOT used to train GPT models by default. The uploaded document is not saved into any permanent server either.

Visit our SECURITY page >

What kind of documents can be processed with OB Documents? 

OpenBots Documents can process structured and unstructured documents like scanned documents.

Can OB Documents process and extract information from handwritten Documents? 

Yes, although the accuracy could be lower, and in some cases, may not work, the new 2.1 upgrade reads handwritten documents if the letters are easily readable. Human-in-the-loop may be necessary in some cases.

Does OB Documents work with 3rd party OCR systems like AWS, Microsoft and others? 

Yes, Internally OpenBots documents uses Google, AWS and Microsoft OCR Services.

How accurate is data extracted by OB Documents? 

OpenBots Documents now uses modern AI that typically gives users an accuracy rate of over 95% in most cases. This is at par with Human-Level accuracy. However, this is subjective as accuracy may change based on multiple factors including but not limited to the quality of the scan, the complexity of structures like tables, etc.

We recommend you run a few sample Documents in our secured trial environment to check accuracy. All our documents are fully secured and are not used to train any AI. Documents can be purged immediately or automatically wiped off in 30days.

Does OB Documents have Human in the loop capability to validate Documents? 

Yes, OpenBots Documents has a very effective Human In The Loop module also called Validation Station.

Read more Frequently Asked Questions >
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