Additional Commands and Packages in OpenBots Studio

The Run CSharp script command allows you to invoke a particular CS file– this will execute the main function in that file with any arguments that you provide and provide the uplink back to you to use it further in your automation.

The Run Powershell Script command allows for you to select a particular ps1 file and provide any arguments that may be required.

The Python script allows you to provide any arguments you may need for that execution.

Evaluate Snippet command is an additional command which allows you to execute CSharp directly against the engine. You can write a multi-line script and it will execute directly against the OpenBots engine.

We provide an actual editor (csDemo)

We provide the ability to have custom project types(project manager→ new project) this allows you to schedule different types of automations that aren’t just using openbots commands.

In summary, you can use these different script types directly in your openbots automations, edit them through our provided editors, or host external projects of any of these different script types directly in our server and execute them on our agent direct link.

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