Code Optimization in OpenBots Studio

To access the gallery, go to “Package Manager” then click on gallery to access the more advanced packages. This has a variety of commands around document interaction and image automation. To download any of the packages, click on the package and click install and then start when it appears.

API Database:

A lot of times when you are doing an automation, you can get through things without using the front NDY. The best way to go about is the API or directly accessing the database for whatever you need. We provide the ability to automate rest API’s, to do normal database quarries, accessing of stored procedures, and to do transactions to have some sort of guarantee about the actual succession of commands.

Image Automation:

This is separated into 2 components, the document processing (the ability to send things through the cloud OCR for example) and surface automation. Surface automation is very powerful package and is very important to use to make sure you are compatible with every application you run into.

SAP Salesforce:

SAP automates everything through the business API’s rather than just the normal GUI manipulation. We reach out directly to SAP through the actual application. This can be accessed from the first set of commands. Salesforce is a web application that goes straight for the API’s. We interact with it in 2 ways, through files or through records. We also provide the ability to download, add, or delete files that are currently hosted. We also provide the ability to access records and get the files associated with them.

Security Privacy:

This is a more focused package. This package is important for organizations dealing with sensitive information. This encludes the ability to compress or decompress files and text, to encrypt or decrypt files and text, or to use packing (an operation which is a mixture of hashing encryption and compression). PII commands allow you to detect and remove PII from both images, texts and structured data and then add it back later for processing purposes.

Terminal Automation:

This covers a lot of ways to go about it. If you don’t have one of these hosted clients internally, we provide a native client where you can use our system to communicate. This package provides commands like the ability to create a session, move the cursor, get the field, and set some texts.

These are the major packages we provide which are applicable to most developers.

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