How to Use Advanced Commands and Packages in OpenBots Studio

This tutorial will be demonstrating the new and more advanced packages in OpenBots Studio. It will also cover some basic optimization and structure tips.

You will find all of the available packages in the OpenBots Studio Package Manager. These packages will give you access to more advanced and specialized commands for your automation. To download a package, simply click on it, click the Install button when it appears, and click Start.

API and database commands allow you to get through things without using the front-end UI. This package include Database Query commands, Transaction commands, and more.

The ImageAutomation package includes a wide variety of commands that can be used with images. Some examples include OCR commands, Surface Automation commands, and Screenshot commands.

SAP and Salesforce commands allow you to automate processes through the business API. This package allows you to access, manipulate and record transactions through these systems.

The Security and Privacy package is especially important for businesses that deal with a lot of sensitive information. The commands allow you to compress, encrypt, or pack files to ensure their security.

The TerminalAutomation package allow you to accomplish the same goal using either an established internal client or an OpenBots native client.

OpenBots contains many additional packages and we are constantly adding more. We encourage you to open up the Package Manager and explore some of our options.

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