Intelligent Document Processing in Salesforce – OpenBots Documents Demo

In this demo, we will learn how to manage and automate patient data using OpenBots & Salesforce Health Cloud. Healthcare Automation is improving how healthcare providers handle EHR systems.

This sample automation begins by reading the inbox for referrals. A software robot then sends the referral as a PDF to OpenBots Documents for data extraction.

When you open OpenBots Documents, you will see that the status of the referral is set to Awaiting Verification. A field will open up on the right hand side containing the relevant extracted data.

At this point, a human will need to manually check and see if all the data has been extracted correctly. When everything looks good, the coordinator will save the document and move forward to complete the validation.

In order to create the referral in Salesforce, a bot then collates the fields, saves the data, and sends the values via an API to Salesforce. In Salesforce, tasks can now be created and staff can be notified of new referrals.

Medical facilities manage multiple EHR and EMR systems that don’t necessarily speak to each other. These systems handle data differently, and medical staff spend many hours on manual data entry into these EMR systems.

The OpenBots platform unlocks clinical and operational data from disparate systems and seamlessly integrates into Salesforce Health Cloud as we can see in this demo.

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