Introduction to OpenBots On-Prem Server

OpenBots Server is the centralized Orchestration & Management tool for companies that are not Cloud ready. You can use OpenBots Server for hosting, orchestrating, and scheduling multiple process automations within an enterprise.

OpenBots also offers optional Enterprise Support Plans to help your teams scale your RPA Automation programs infinitely

To get started, login to the on-prem installed website. A dashboard view will pop up to give users a quick glimpse of what is happening in their automation environment.

The Server Tool allows for all Agent Machines to be defined and viewed centrally.

Shared resources consumed by various automations such as text, numbers, files, or JSON can be defined and stored within the tool.

Audit logs or changes can also be stored in the Server to log and keep track of who changed what and when it was changed.

A secured vault feature can store all application credentials that bots need to access their necessary applications.

Automation scripts and projects created using OpenBots Studio can be published directly to the Server from the development environment.

Process scripts can also be manually uploaded to the Server.

The Server File Manager offers a centralized storage place for files to be shared across various automated processes.

The scheduling feature allows users to schedule bots to run on a specific day, time, or frequency. Bots can also be queued to run manually at any time.

Each process execution provides the user a complete insight report on what happened and what was recorded during each job and after each the run is complete.

For audit purposes, the Server tool also logs all emails sent by the bots via the Server and offers a centralized control of all automated email accounts. Further, users can carefully control how emails are sent from the system.

To allow for sophisticated orchestration and seamless coordination across automations, work can be queued up for automations to complete, and several bots can work through the queue at once.

OpenBots Server is a fully featured automation orchestration engine built to meet your enterprise automation program needs.

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