Mainframe Automation in OpenBots Studio

Seeing a terminal instance, we have to start by receiving our credentials that we have stored within our server. We do this by creating a login to the terminal which is called Herc01 and the password which is currently not visible. These credentials then get stored into two variables. The username being a string and the password being a secure string. If you go to settings you can use this to test the connections as you can see I was able to connect to this terminal and that demonstrates that it is working.

We have various terminal commands including a stored credential command as well as things like prompt for username, prompt for password. Which supplies you with a text box that requests that you give a username or password which is then inputted into the terminal.

In addition to these native terminal commands we also have very similar blue zone terminal commands that utilize the rocket BlueZone API for automation. Many of these commands function the same way with the exception being the create BlueZone terminal session command. Which asks for a BlueZone session file path containing all of the metadata and information required to connect to the terminal.

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