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OpenBots Studio v1.0.4 Release Notes
[New Features]
  • Element Overhaul
    • Elements now consist of a table of attributes which can be selected to be utilized in an AND fashion.
  • Updates to the HTML Element Recorder
    • Now provides an option to users to select a browser instance name and type when recording is started.
    • Allows the user to select which element attributes they would like to utilize in recorded element
    • Added automatically generated commands for back, forward, and refresh operations in the browser.
    • Now automatically adds a create and close browser for the specified instance around the generated sequence.
    • Elements can still be saved to the Elements Manager by pressing the save button during the recording process.
  • Added a new “Enhanced UI Recorder”
    • Allows the user to record a sequence of actions in a particular application similar to the Element Recorder.
    • Users are prompted to select the element attributes they would like to utilize in the recorded sequence.
    • A sequence will be created mimicking the actions taken by the user when recording is ended.
  • General Recorder Enhancements
    • Users can now utilize advanced keystrokes and click types other than left click during all recording sessions.
  • Web Automation Updates
    • Users can now specify hotkeys to be pressed during text entry by utilizing the format [key to be pressed].
  • Corrections to the element recorder to resolve issues many users were facing.
  • Updates to branding throughout the application to utilize out new Icon!
  • Removed unnecessary UI elements to provide a cleaner look.
[Known Issues]
  • Code from previous OpenBots versions is currently incompatible with v1.0.4 due to major namespace changes. This can be corrected with a bit of elbow grease, but users with large projects should ideally wait until a conversion patch is published.
  • Recorder selectors for the Google Home Page do not align to the opened browser version of google. Other websites should be utilized for recording while we investigate this.
  • Currently setting a breakpoint on commands is a bit clunky.
  • Lack of hotkey support for command interactions and the Project Tool Strip
  • Lack of a clear search button for the Command Search Box
  • Debug Mode does not currently display the contents of Dictionary variables
  • Variables created during command execution are not visualized in the Variable Manager/Helper
  • Errors in user scripts are currently only known during execution. Further validation could be provided to end users during command creation.
  • Inability to move or rename Main.json and Project .config file.
  • User is unable to select the default “My Scripts” folder location.
  • Users cannot add Script files from other Projects, however this can be worked around by using “Import File” under “File Actions”.