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OpenBots Studio V1.8.6 Release Notes

[New Features]

  • OpenBots Studio
    • New Commands
      • Added the Get Form Data and Prefill Form commands to the Server command package.
    • Command Improvements
      • Optimized the Native Server commands significantly, resulting in reductions of up to 90% for the filling of web forms.
      • Optimized the execution of the Server commands through the caching of key information related to named entities.
      • Optimized Desktop Automation significantly through the implementation of a new element finding algorithm.
      • Added the ability to retrieve the top-most "X" number of emails in the Outlook and IMAP commands.
      • The IMAP commands are now able to reference subfolders.
      • Renamed the Pause Script command to Set Delay for clarity.
      • The Get Outlook Email Properties command will now return the properties themselves, rather than their interpreted value.
      • Added the ability to set a queue item to "Archived"
      • Added additional properties to the Queue Item dictionary for user manipulation.
    • OpenBots Assistant
      • Backward Compatibility
        • The Assistant is now able to execute automations from previous versions using a set of packaged executors.
        • Supported versions are v1.7.3, v1.8.0, v1.8.1
      • Local Listener - Run Now from URL
        • Added the ability to configure a local HTTP listener from the Assistant UI.
        • When the listener is configured, navigating to the configured localhost port with the below schema will create a new Server job to be executed by the Assistant.
  • OpenBots Studio
    • The recorded inner text from the Native Browser Recorder will now better reflect the necessary values for execution.
    • Corrected an issue that resulted an authentication error when attempting to use Server and Documents commands in quick succession.
    • Resolved a reported issue with the uploading of binary files through the API commands.
    • Resolved a known issue with filters in the IMAP commands not returning expected results.
    • Native Browser automation will now work as expected when an unexpected character is found in a tab name.
    • The Get Table command will now work as expected for tables with variable column counts.
    • Resolved identified issues with saving attachments from IMAP emails.
    • Corrected reported issues with Native Browser tab operations.
  • OpenBots Assistant
    • Resolved an issue that could result in a job being stuck in an in-progress or canceling state due to an inability to resolve the security identifier for the configured AD credentials.
    • Resolved a permissions issue that could result in some AD accounts being unable to create unattended sessions without local administrator permissions.
    • Resolved an issue that could occur when the OpenBots Service is restarted that resulted in active jobs being stuck in their current execution status.
    • Implemented additional measures to ensure that multiple executions cannot occur on a particular agent simultaneously in the case where the OpenBots Service is restarted during a job execution.
    • The IP Address displayed in the "Info" section will now properly reflect the machine's IP address as it is recognized by the connected Server instance.
    • Resolved a configuration issue that would rarely occur when selecting the "Offline" setting for the Assistant.
    • Changing the app mode will now save all other configured settings.
    • Resolved an issue with the execution of local schedules, which will now properly report their failure reason.
    • Resolved an issue that prevented jobs from being canceled while in a child script.
    • Automations will now be sorted as expected after being removed as a favorite.
    • Resolved an issue that would result in logs no longer being gathered for the Agent service in some circumstances.
    • Corrected reported issues with the Automation search bar.
[Known Issues]
  • OpenBots Studio
    • Source images of some formats may not save as expected when using the Get PDF Images command.
    • Attempting to execute multiple browser navigation commands in rapid succession may result in an exception. This can be resolved by waiting until the page has fully loaded before continuing navigation.
  • OpenBots Assistant
    • Python execution may report an exception due to MAX_PATH exceptions on some machine configurations.