Salesforce EMR Integration Bot

In this demo, we will watch how a patient is created using a Fax referral utilizing OpenBots healthcare automation with Salesforce Health Cloud

The first screen shows a Health Cloud referral object, which includes information on the referral and provides direct access to the related data.

The next page shows the patient record. Note that the patient ID is the EMR MRN number. The bot is able to bring back that number once the patient is created in the EMR successfully.

Once the care coordinator has determined that the patient is ready for an appointment, they will click the Send to EMR button to launch the Integration Bot.

The bot will simply login to the EMR, take the data elements of the referral, and create a case or patient chart record in the EMR. Once the case is created, the bot will return to Salesforce and add the EMR Case ID to the referral.

The typical next step in this EMR Integration journey is to bring back provider notes from the EMR into Salesforce. This step keeps the care team up to date and leverages native Salesforce functionality.

The purpose of healthcare automation like this is to provide a 360 degree patient experience. It streamlines patient intake, simplifies integration between systems, optimizes Salesforce workflow, and connects EMR data.

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