Support for Python in OpenBots Studio

Many automations are built in Python. Python has been an easy platform to build upon. Many automations are built within Python. One critical fact of Python is the lack of orchestration. We integrated Python directly into our OpenBots Studio, Server, and Agent to resolve this issue.

When opening up OpenBots Studio in version 1.4, there is an option to specify a project type. If you select Python and create a project, Studio will open up a special project that is specifically configured for Python.

You will still have access to packages of different types that are found within Studio. This feature will allow you to import existing Python scripts into Studio, make minor configurations, and test them. When you are ready, click File Actions and Publish.

Once your script is published, log onto OpenBots Server. If you click Automations, you will see your newly published program. If you click View, you will see that the Automation Engine is set to Python. This will allow OpenBots Agent to ensure that the automation is running on the highest version of Python possible.

In the near future, we will be adding a feature that uses scheduled parameters in order to set a default Python version parameter. This feature will allow you to specify what version of Python needs to be installed on the machine in order for the automation to run.

These Python executions can also work through an attended job. By opening OpenBots Agent, clicking the gear icon, and clicking AttendedExecution, you can browse through local and server automations. Select your local project and press run. This will install any necessary dependencies and execute the Python script.

Overall the Python feature in the OpenBots ecosystem will allow you to take your existing Python scripts put them into an environment where they can be managed and scaled out.

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