Typing and Validation in OpenBots Studio

In this script, there is a basic automation for creating a data table, adding a row, then showing that data table, getting the row from index 0, and then showing that row. Previously, when you added variables to a command, you had no way of knowing whether the types were valid until the execution of the process failed. But now, we have basic form validation that tells you an input is required. In this case of this command any required inputs are marked with an asterisk and the label, and the tooltip will appear to tell you that the input is required if you attempted to press okay without providing a value.

In this case, this specific input requires a variable of type data table. If you were to provide something such as myRow, which is currently a data row, it will also fail in the validation and the tooltip will inform you that the input value is not a compatible type. It will now supply you with the correct type, which is a data table. Hit okay, and now the validation passes.

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