Agent Groups in OpenBots On-Prem Server

One structure we have provided on the openbots server to assist with the organization of your agents is agent groups. By coming to the all agent group screen, you have the ability to see a table view of all your created groups Enable or disable them for their usage and schedules view edit or delete them.

By going and adding a new agent group we can give it a name in this case “my group” by editing that group were provided with a drop down that lets us select from a list of all our existing agents, which ones we would like to occupy that group and in this case well choose these three agents and we can choose to have it enabled at the start.

And hit save, when we go to create a schedule in our server we have the ability to press this slider and rather than select a specific agent to run this automation. We will select an agent group to run this automation, we can choose a particular automation and create my schedule.

At this point when the schedule is executed and run a single job is created that references each of the agents in this agent group that will all receive a notification from the server to come and retrieve a job.

The first one that comes to the server will be given the job. The others will be told that the job has been assigned. We do have plans in the future to have a job created for each agent in the agent group but at the moment this will help you to have any automation run in a working pool of agents that could possibly execute it.

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