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Build Your First Bot and Digitally Transform Your Business

Leverage skills and industry knowledge to quickly build automations with the guidance of RPA experts.

There are two paths with the Citizen Developers Automation JumpstartSolo or Team. Which will you choose? 

What Citizen Developers Automate

Citizen developers can automate any repetitive tasks. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Your digital workforce starts with building automations that:

  • Empowers employees
  • Improves customer service and organizational efficiency
  • Grows revenue

Here are some starting points: 

  • Business to Business – repetitive front-office operations, financial process, invoicing and more
  • Business to Customer – connecting multiple departments, accelerating internal services and other repetitive tasks
  • Healthcare – medical records, data management, patient pre-authorizations, claims processing and more.
  • Banking – customer onboarding, credit, mortgage loan origination and more.

Get Ready to Build Your Digital Workforce

The Citizen Developer Jumpstart is a hands-on instruction program delivered by the OpenBots product team.

The objective is to help you become proficient in navigating the OpenBots automation platform (Studio, Agent, and Server) and build and manage your first automation within 30 days. 

  • Minimal investment and an immediate ROI
  • No coding experience required
  • Must be interested in learning new software
  • Authorization to access to online accounts used for automation

Citizen Developer Solo Jumpstart

One-and-one training with you and one of our RPA experts. By the end of this program, you will be able to build and publish your first bot.Solo Jumpstart includes:

  • One-and-one bot training for individual users
  • Enablement training on platform set up and configuration
  • One month support with two tickets
  • Two days turn around on tickets for a month
  • Product support for a month

Price: Only $999

Citizen Developers Team Jumpstart

Train your team by learning from one of our RPA experts. By the end of this program, your team will be able to start building and publishing bots.Team Jumpstart includes:

  • Train your team on our core platform
  • Three months support
  • Two tickets per month
  • Product support
  • Two day turn around

Price: $6,500

DIY Citizen Developer Path

Do you like learning new things on your own? Our video tutorials will teach you how to build your first bot automation at your own pace.

Get your Free 30-Day trial to build, publish and test a bot now.

Get started by creating OpenBots account to access free video tutorials, courses, certifications, and automation tools like Studio and Cloud Server.

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