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Why Enterprise Cloud Server?

OpenBots Cloud Server is a hosted orchestration service included in the OpenBots platform. Orchestration services include running, scheduling, and reporting on automations.

Developers can build automations using OpenBots Studio and upload them to the orchestrator for various agent machines to execute them. This allows a build-once-deploy-many approach for hosting automations.

Cloud Server is a scalable, secured, hands free orchestrator hosted and built to work seamlessly with all your automations.

Cloud RPA and on-premise are two different ways to host your bot automations. As a business, you need to know which RPA orchestration method you will use as part of your digital transformation strategy.

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Cloud Server vs On-Prem Server.
Which one is the right fit for your business?

On-premise solutions are RPA bots that exist on location (i.e., the company server or company cloud). Cloud RPA means that the RPA vendor houses all digital workers (bots) and digital machines. So how do you decide which solution is best for your business?

Consider these key factors:

1. Data security

2. Infrastructure

3. Scalability

4. Risk tolerance

Companies that want to deploy workflow automations rapidly are turning to Cloud RPA. OpenBots Cloud server is a fantastic solution for RPA orchestration that allows you to deploy unlimited bot automations across your organization—all without licensing fees for each bot!

Watch this video and learn more about the main differences between Cloud vs On-Prem.

Cloud Server Advantages

Rather than paying per-bot or focusing on machines and users, OpenBots Cloud Server bills you on a per minute basis.

You only pay when your digital worker is on the job, just like you’d any other employee.

Business Elasticity​

Scale up or down as demand shifts.

Pay Per Use

Pay for services you use, never worry about unused licenses.

Serverless Orchestration​

Automatic upgrades – No need for installations and resources

Cloud Server Orchestration Features

Dashboard & Logs of Automations Executed​

Upload Automation Packages Created in OpenBots Studio​

Schedule when Automations Run​

Manage Queues

Manage On-Prem Agents and Groups​

Shared File Storage​

Shared Assets and Values

Credentials Vault

Cloud Server Pricing

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