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Home Platform OpenBots Studio

OpenBots Studio is a full-feature RPA Development tool which allows you to build automations that can be published as attended and unattended bots.

Zero Bot License

OpenBots Studio is the only enterprise-grade zero bot license fee RPA platform.

Novice to Advanced

OpenBots Studio allows for easy development of automation scripts without taking away developer control. Developers can create simple or complex automations all using the same tool.

Large Command Set

OpenBots Studio features over 150 inbuilt commands. Additional commands from Third Party providers can also be installed or developers can create their own commands in C# to use within the Studio tool.

Getting Started

OpenBots is a zero bot license fee automation tool that interacts with various desktop applications to empower the users to create and maintain their own workplace automations. To learn more about OpenBots and its various functionalities, explore the documentation below:

This introduction document will provide users with a brief description of OpenBots functionality and provide a link to documentation involving OpenBots various commands.

A quick installation guide for OpenBots can be found here.

Before any automations are created, it would be best to check out the User Interface guide to learn about the different interactive elements of the UI within OpenBots.

Once OpenBots has been successfully installed and configured, it is time to create your first automation!

The list of hardware and software requirements needed to run OpenBots can be found here.