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AI Affiliate Partnership with OpenBots

Jason Dzamba by Jason Dzamba - July 20, 2023

Want to partner with OpenBots and make money? 

OpenBots is a leading platform for document automation and business automation. Our affiliate partnership is a strategic initiative that aims to collaborate with individuals to collaborate with us, promote the platform, and earn commissions for their subscription referrals. 

In this article, we will delve into the components of the affiliate partnership, including campaigns, referral links, and commissions.

AI Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners are content creators focusing on technology and development tutorials and training but don’t offer services. They drive sales by creating and promoting content about the capabilities and products of the OpenBots Platform.

OpenBots Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you access our document automation and business process automation tools. Using our platform, you’ll create content like tutorials, demos, and other creative projects that provide value to your audience.

Generating Income with Campaigns Links

Creating campaigns is at the heart of generating passive revenue with our platform. It serves as a way to generate interest, attract potential customers, and drive conversions from your network. 

OpenBots Creating Campaigns Affiliate Partners

Affiliates create campaigns tailored to their target market, utilizing various marketing channels such as social media, email, or content marketing. This link is a digital fingerprint, attributing conversions to your account.

When a customer signs up with an OpenBots subscription using your referral link, you will receive credit for the referral. This link is a tracking mechanism enabling us to measure and compensate you for your efforts.

Commission Approval and Management

Partners earn a 20% commission based on the sales generated through their platform subscription referrals. The partner dashboard provides an overview of your sales and commissions each month. 

We will review and approve your commissions before they are paid out to ensure that all transactions are valid and aligned with the agreed-upon terms.

Threshold Requirement

Partners must accumulate at least $1000 in commissions before they become eligible for payment. This threshold ensures that payments are made in meaningful amounts and reduces the need for frequent small transactions.

Once the threshold is met, you will receive a payment within a few business days, depending on the finance team’s processing timelines.

Active Account Requirement

Affiliate partners are required to have an active OpenBots subscription. Your dashboard is where you’ll access our platform tools and track your commissions for your partner activities. 

Partnering with OpenBots

Partnerships are a powerful avenue for business growth, and OpenBots recognizes their significance by offering a comprehensive partner management system.

By leveraging campaigns, referral links, and commission tracking, you can do what they do best—create fantastic content and get paid monthly income for your efforts. 

Are you ready to get started? Become an OpenBots Partner

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