Assets, Global and Agent specific in OpenBots On-Prem Server

It is very common in enterprise automation scenarios to have a large number of automations developed that rely on very similar assets, for example conflict file paths, credentials, urls that they might access but it’s also very common to have dozens of created assets for each of these potential automations because it is one agent, one asset value. We at openbots decided that to solve this we would have agent specific asset values.

When you go and create an asset on our server, you give it a name, well choose my asset. we can select test,text number, jason or file type assets. Text provides you this nice text box, jason provides a nice jason builder, so you can build out the complex object that you want to pass to your automations and file allows you to upload a file to the server to be retrieved by the automation when it comes to retrieve the asset value. For now lets create a text value asset and just give it “my value” for the text. By going to that specific asset, we can add agent specific values.

Were we to choose some particular agent such as testing 123 we have the ability to give it an overwritten value that will be provided to this particular agent when it comes to retrieve this asset value rather than the global value of “my value”

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