Attended Execution in OpenBots Agent

Very often when you are developing an automation you are developing with the intent that is going to be run in an attended manner rather than an unattended manner it’ll operate with some user operating in the machine with it.

Generally speaking, attended automations can go two separate ways: they can be user triggered or they can be Server triggered once scheduled. In our case we’re going to show both during this demonstration. For example I have some very basic attended automation in this case just Hello world is sufficient were I to go ahead and publish my project. Both locally and to the server my automation will be available both to the studio and the agent for attended execution.

So by going to settings in the studio and going into the attendant mode I activate this wonderful form at the top which will allow me to choose from my published automations to execute them. Just as I would in the studio where I go to the OpenBots agent you can see that just went and finished up there it takes a moment to finish unpacking.

Go ahead where I to go to the OpenBots agent I’m provided that same option to do attended execution these two things don’t need to work at the same time you can have just the agent or just the studio and it’ll work just fine when dealing with the agent attended execution I’m given the option to choose from either the local deployment or the server deployment In the case of of the local deployment. It will take the package that is stored locally, unpack it, set up everything, and go ahead and run it just as it would from the Studio.

This is the case where you have some Agent that wants to run an automation that’s already stored in their machine and has been physically placed there even without a server connected. Then in the case where we have some server and we tell the agent to go ahead and run this automation. You can go to the agent/attended and select it from this drop down.

In this case, we attended a demonstration. Click the run button, it’s going to reach out to the OpenBots server, download the automation, unpack it, get everything set, then execute.

This fulfills that case where you don’t have an automation that needs to run on a particular schedule.

It’s very much on demand you can complete it and develop it in the OpenBots Studio, publish it up to the Server where it can then be deployed to any number of agents run on demand.

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