Email Services in OpenBots On-Prem Server

One of the common challenges with RPA is about setting up emails from these bots that you create. Eventually what happens is these emails get out of control.

People are sending these emails out using their own outlook instances or their own rsmtp accounts whatever you have configured it for, and bots are not in control when they run, how they run and then there is always a challenge about making sure your configurations and production do not land in test environments and your not mistakenly sending out emails to people also having complete login and account ability about which bot is sending out what email is a struggle.

Yes we can use Outlook and other email services in the bot, additionally OpenBots server allows you to have email accounts within the orchestrator and what you can do is use the agent and the studio to ask the server to send an email on your behalf so this way everything is under control and you can decide which account and how your passwords can be reset and how these emails are getting their prefixes and what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.

Lets go over that in detail over here you see email accounts so you can actually go in and create an email account.

This can be any of the service providers that you have. We now support smtp and we can do more in the future. If you have smpt credentials for your email ID or Office 365 account or outlook or exchange, you can configure that over here.

Once you have configured a specific email account they will start appearing over here and you can use these from the client end to actually send out emails. All emails are logged so you can actually see what emails are going through the system.

You can go in and actually see the entire content that is going in and use that. You can test out email accounts making sure they are always current. When you see email accounts with the password expired you can come in and change their passwords and credentials as well so that all bots can get updated with that.

Additionally you have a whole bunch of controls over the entire emailing functionality. Which means you can define the domains where you are allowed to send emails or you can deny certain domains. You can prefix certain addresses or certain texts to the body or the subject.

Regardless of what the bot has sent out for an email, you can additionally add bcc and cc addresses and also be able to shut off all emails for the environment in one go.

If you switch all this on, emails disabled everything that you have sent out, all the bots that are sending out emails will stop going so they will all get logged but the server is going to deny sending it to the actual party this is to ensure there is total control over what you are doing.

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