File Manager Automation in OpenBots Server

One of the tools that we provide on the OpenBots server for management and administration is the file manager.

So all files that are uploaded to the server, whether it be through assets, queue items, email attachments or even just manually uploaded go to the file manager here you can see some of the component specific folders such as the que attachment folder that contains the information for the respective que items.

Were I to go back out I have the ability to create a new folder manually we will call that my folder. Then I can go into my folder and browse in and out of different levels, I can manually upload some files of my choosing, in this case I can upload these 3 files and here were going to see my files have been uploaded.

Clicking one of these files individually will give me some additional information about them as well as the ability to rename or delete them, so we can delete the compliance form for example and then attempting to delete my folder will not succeed because it has files inside it, so there are some basic protections that you’d expect from any node file system.

What you get out of the file manager is an easy way to manage the files that have been placed onto your server during normal automation operations as well as get a good place you can store files in the server for easy access by other users or administrators.

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