High Density Execution in OpenBots Agent

One common scenario when deploying automations is that we want to deploy multiple automations under the same machine in different user sessions. This is called high density execution.

You may have 5 user accounts on one Windows machine all operating on different user sessions at the same time.

It is very efficient from an infrastructure standpoint and can really save a lot in infrastructure costs. Versus a one robot and machine model, so we have actually provided that functionality to the OpenBots agent.

In this case, I have one machine which is my demonstration machine. You can see here logged in as two separate usernames, OpenBots admin and OpenBots admin 1. What I am going to do is execute a schedule on both of these agents on the same machine.

What’s going to happen is once I click the run now button each of these agents are going to receive a job notification from the server. If we go to the jobs ping, we can see that these two jobs have been assigned out to these agents.

I am going to go back to the virtual machines in just a moment so you can see that they both begin to start up and the agents are picking up their jobs and downloading everything. You can see that we have two pop ups operating on two user sessions on the same machine simultaneously. If I clear these pop ups it begins the second part of the automation where they will perform some basic ui manipulation.

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