Integration & Webhooks in OpenBots Server

To integrate with the OpenBots Server, one of the features we provide is to integrate using either web hooks or queues directly with the orchestrator. One of the parts of that integration service is having system events.

We have a whole bunch of system events that the system is going to raise whenever certain things happen in the automation environment.

For example, files and folders are getting created, or an automation is executed or failed. There’s a bunch of events that the system is going to raise internally and as an Orchestrator user you can actually subscribe to those events to integrate and react to them. These are the pre-defined list of events and what you can do is look at all of the subscriptions of the events. This means that whenever one of these events occurs in the system you can do something about it.

You can either queue it up so an automation can process it or you can hook using an HTTPS transport, which is basically calling an arrest end point which is going to get informed whenever a subscription is hit. You can add your own subscriptions.

For example, you can say a file has been deleted and you want to notify another application. You can put in a URL to an external application. In this case, we’ll put in the name of the queue and give it a name. Whenever there is a file that is deleted from the system a queue item is entered into the system.

You can also have a list of all the events that were raised and you can also look at what exactly and what was sent to that particular event.

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