Support for C# in OpenBots Studio

One common feature we had requested from users is the ability to use CSScript inside of the OpenBots Studio. Whether that is invoked through commands into the OpenBots scripts themselves or working entirely independently through the agent and running natively through the studio.

So our development team got together and integrated the latest version of CSScript which, at the time of our development, was 3.3. When you go into the project manager you are provided the ability to choose CSScript as a project type. This project type will load you up with a main.cs.

In this case, just a “Hello World” script. This runs exactly as documented in the CSScript samples. You can go through their documentation to get an idea of what you can do with the tool as it is very powerful.

Things like adding specific directives to have it add NuGet packages and install those at runtime, the ability to import different libraries such as Systems.Windows.

Form goes into your code and actually has it displayed using those. And then, having the ability to manipulate your C-Sharp code and run an entire class rather than just a single snippet. Let’s say, for example, you finished a CSScript, you can use our publishing feature to publish that up.

Once it goes up into the server it will come up as a CSharp automation, which can then be run on the agent. Going to our agent and going to attended mode will find the ability to find our CSharp demo from the server. If we were to run this locally, you’ll see the same thing execution you’d expect as it runs it natively.

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