Unattended Automation in OpenBots Agent

One of the major features required for enterprise automation is the ability to run automations in an unattended manner across any number of machines. In this case I have a very basic automation that will create an xo application instance, populate a data table with just some names and scores that are great test data here. Write it out to a folder on the local file system that will be able to be accessed by any users. Save the workbook and close it.

The Agent that it’s going to be running as is actually on this very same machine that I am logged into but as another user and it will be operating in a separate session entirely spun up from the server side. If we go up to the server, I have already created the schedule for unattended demo view 1 that will run on the OpenBots admin user on this machine whereas I am on OpenBots admin 1.

Clicking the run now button will create the job for the other agent to pick up. It will receive a notification indicating that it does have a job to pick up and I’m this case it has already been assigned because the agent has come to the server and requested job information. Now that it has started executing it has gone into progress.

We can start to see logs popping in from the Agent execution. These will come through in batches every few seconds for optimized network transfers. You can see all the logs have completed and you get the same logs that you would get running the script through the studio side and now initializing creating the list, running the general execution and then going through that commonly accessible folder we can see a file that was modified just a moment ago. Hitting all of the data that the other agent put out.

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