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Jump Start Your In-House RPA Team with OpenBots

Robotic Process Automation
DIY Jumpstart is perfect for organizations with in-house RPA development teams that are exploring the benefits of OpenBots’ Zero License platform. Shortcut your evaluation process by participating in our express 2-day training program. Your entire development team can get hands-on instruction from our product team with the sole objective of helping you become proficient in navigating our software stack (Studio, Agent and Server) and comfortable enough to build and manage your first automation. Minimal investment. Maximum validation.

DIY JumpStart

Fastest Way for Your Team to Prove Out Value

2-Day “Express” Training

Get Your RPA Team Comfortable with:

  • 1openBots Logos
  • 2Build, Deploy & Manage Bot(s)

3-Month Support Plan

Basic Support Includes:
Access to OpenBots support team:

  • 1Product Support
  • 2Two-Day Turnaround
  • 3Two Tickets Per Month
Program Price


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