People all over the world spend much of their time at work working with data and spreadsheets, creating Excel documents filled with tables and charts and data day in and day out. Well, OpenBots Studio actually allows its users to manipulate information in the form of Data Tables. Data Tables hold data in much the same way that Excel files hold data, by using rows and columns. And OpenBots Studio makes automating using Data Tables incredibly easy with its host of extensive DataTable commands!

Basic DataTable Commands
  • Create, Add, delete values in a Data Table
    The objective of this How-To guide is to assist the users in creating a data table along with adding and removing values from it in Openbots Studio.
  • Practice Problem 1
    This practice problem will cover the new commands covered in the previous chapter. Please review the previous chapter before attempting this problem.
Semi-Complex DataTable Commands
  • Overwriting and Merging Data Tables
    This guide covers slightly more advanced topics like creating and overwriting values in a DataTable as well as merging two tables. This guide is a must-read for anyone looking to learn more about DataTables.
  • Searching and filtering in a Data Table
    This guide teaches the user how to sort through DataTables with commands such as Filter DataTable, Get DataRow, and Add DataRow. Knowing how to properly search and filter a DataTable is very important when working in Openbots Studio.
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