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One-Time Migration Generates
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The Ninja utility is part of the OpenBots Platform and reduces migration times from traditional RPA vendors by up to 80%. 


Why Are Fortune 500 Companies

Migrating to the OpenBots Enterprise Platform?

As spending on Automation programs has grown substantially over the past few years, companies have been frustrated with the lack of scalability inherent in traditional RPA platforms.

Once the OpenBots Enterprise Platform entered the market, the single most frequent question companies were asking was around migration from legacy RPA systems to OpenBots Zero Bot License platform.

As a customer-first company, OpenBots got to work creating OpenBots Ninja migration utility, which can seamlessly transfer bots from the Big 3 RPA vendors to OpenBots.

OpenBots new migration tool reduces the time and cost of migration by 80%

The future of RPA is far more scalable when you’re not paying per bot and Ninja migration utility helps you get there faster.

Download the Nucleus Research Report on our Ninja Migration Utility

Samuel Hamway, Analyst at Nucleus Research, wrote this white paper about the OpenBots Ninja Migration utility.

In response to the rapidly evolving Intelligent Automation market, organizations often find that a different solution better suits their needs.

In April 2022, OpenBots announced the availability of their Ninja utility tool for businesses looking to migrate their bots and operations off their current intelligent automation platforms.

Through an automated 1:1 process mapping, customers will benefit from a streamlined migration process and lowered costs of transitioning from a legacy RPA solution to the OpenBots Enterprise Platform.

With the addition of the zero bot licensing model, the OpenBots Enterprise Platform provides an attractive value proposition for organizations looking to scale their automation practices.

Enterprise RPA+ Platform

The OpenBots platform is a suite of intelligent automation utilities designed for enterprises to deploy large-scale automation workflows.

Not all intelligent automation platforms have the functionality or model to serve the needs of organizations with thousands of employees and processes.

The RPA+ Intelligent Automation platform surpasses the capabilities of traditional RPA vendors and removes the friction of digital transformation at scale.

Compare OpenBots vs UiPath, Power Automate +

For the first time, we are witnessing a Gen-2 RPA platform that truly matches and surpasses
the capabilities of the existing RPA players. Built for Enterprise, Built to Scale!

Download the Technical Comparison PDF – The OpenBots Platform vs. RPA Tools

Ninja Utility Reduces Migration Time & Cost by 60%

Based on popular demand, OpenBots Ninja utility was created to effortlessly transfer code from exiting RPA systems to OpenBots Zero Bot License platform.

A one-time effort to migrate automations that are up for renewal under license-heavy platforms to OpenBots, can generate large and recurring savings.

A successful migration initiative takes thoughtful planning and a knowledgeable partner.

Generate Massive Perpetual Savings

A one-time effort to migrate automations that are up for renewal under license-heavy
platforms to OpenBots, can generate large and recurring savings

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