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RPA Bot Platform Migrations

The OpenBots team can migrate your bots from any Commercial Platform to OpenBots at a fixed one-time cost.

How does an RPA migration to OpenBots looks like?

The return on investment from using OpenBots can be seen clearly in the chart below. As an example, here, a commercial tool is being replaced with the OpenBots option.

The annual commercial license adds a recurring per bot cost to an automation program. With OpenBots, this can be eliminated with a one-time migration. The ROI is amplified if the number of licenses required to execute a process is more than one, and in this case the migration cost would be offset within the first year.

RPA Migration Development Team

With OpenBots Migrations, our trained RPA developers will migrate your current licensed bot processes to the OpenBots platform.

Our dedicated migration team is trained on all major commercial platforms and are experts in reworking processes in OpenBots to match the flow and steps of the original commercial bot.

I would like more information about a possible RPA migration.

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